Motorcycle Service & MOT



Motorcycles service, repair and MOT testing in Malvern

A lot of people view their motorbike as their pride and joy, and will take great care ensuring it doesn’t get damaged. Sometimes, though, parts become naturally worn out. That’s where A & S Motorcycles can help. With any motorbike or scooter, we can offer complete motorcycle service and repairs, as well as providing an MOT test to ensure that your bike remains in a good state. Located in Malvern, we offer our services nationwide, so whether you live in Worcester, Ledbury, London or Liverpool, you can count on us.

The importance of MOT testing

After three years of being on the road, a vehicle must, as required by law, have an MOT test. This ensures that the vehicle is roadworthy. If a vehicle passes an MOT test, the owner is given an MOT certificate. If you choose to sell your motorcycle later down the line, you will need an MOT certificate in order to prove that it is safe to ride. At A & S Motorcycles, we can provide you with this certificate, putting your mind at ease.

Reasons to choose A & S Motorcycles

With over 25 years’ experience to our name, you can count on A & S Motorcycles for friendly advice and repairs. We take great pride in all our work, and aim to ensure that its of the highest quality. We have a waiting area for people whose motorcycles are having MOTs done, highlighting the care we have towards our customers.

Is your motorcycle in need of a service? Call A & S Motorcycles today on 01684 565630